My name is Amie.

My hair is currently red, I sometimes wear glasses, and I always wear my (many) tattoos with love and pride.

I really love my dog, and I take photos of her. A lot.

I'm really passionate about photography! I love helping people feel good about themselves right now, in this very moment (there's no time like the present!).

I specialize in cosplay photography, and spend 95% of my time either shooting cosplay, wearing cosplay (yes, I cosplay WHILE I photograph!), or making cosplay. Don't let that intimidate you, though... I also shoot portraits, boudoir, and weddings!

It's all about the coffee. Really. Anytime, anywhere. I also can be bribed with bubble tea.

I really want to photograph you and your story! You rock!

Photo of me by Dear Jenna Photography

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